Alcan Aluminum

Cleaning Line and Slitter Foundations

About Project

Kemp Construction has a long history as a construction supplier to Alcan. When Alcan decided to install new cleaning and slitter lines at their Kingston facility, they contracted with Kemp to install the complex concrete foundations. The project included precision positioning of anchor bolts with tight tolerances and an intricate array of conduit to supply control wiring to a series of interlinking equipment and controls. Several pieces of heavy machinery were operated in tight quarters within the building confines to complete complex excavations, including a 30 foot deep pit carved into solid bedrock. The fast track nature of this project was particularly challenging since it was performed within an operational facility where dust free conditions were mandatory to preserve product quality.

  • Location Kingston, Ontario
  • Project Value$2.4 Million
  • Architect / Engineer Chadwick Engineering

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