Johnstown Ethanol Plant

Grain Handling & DDGS System

About Project

The Johnstown Ethanol Plant was designed to convert corn into grain alcohol. SNC Lavalin was the prime on this project and hired Kemp Construction to complete the foundations for the critical grain receiving buildings, storage silos and related mechanical and electrical rooms. The grain storage silo required a one hundred foot diameter round foundation constructed using one continuous pour without joints. To achieve this Kemp selected the EFCO Forming System. The EFCO System proved fast and reliable and this part of the project was completed with an approximate eight week turn around. The grain handling building and other associated structures required an escalated schedule (five months). The forming system selected for this portion of the work was the Meva Form System. Approximate concrete volumes on this project were 1500 cubic meters and reinforcing steel requirements were 350 tonnes.

  • Location Presscott, Ontario
  • Project Value$5.25 Million
  • Architect / Engineer SNC Lavalin

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